Jiofi.local.html Settings JIOFI 2 Mifi Router Memory card slot usage tips Change Password Explained.

Jiofi.Local.Html settings Change password, Use Memory card slot in JIOFI 2 Router, MIFI Jio Hot spot device Dongle in “jiofi.local.html”.

A sensational device which is easy to use 4G speeds by JIO telecom is JIOFI 2 Mifi Wi-Fi Hot spot. It earned Million hearts admiration with performance. But Jio locked its some core options such as Jiofi.Local.Html and Memory card slot. We will see how to access “Jiofi Local html” File and change its password.

Ambanis biggest startup company in this decade has given unlimited 4G usage offers for Jiofi Mifi Router Devices. These are sold around 1.23 million in Number and gave kick start to JIO Data offers Subscribers. This device is well suited for many needs as it is portable and last for considerable period when charged. From JIofI 2 Devices to latest Jiofi 3 and MIFI JIO USB Dongle Video calling, Voice calling LTE mode is best among its competitors.

Now Jio Prime Preview offer extension period is closing and loved subscribers of JIOFI local HTML dongle will continue their connection. A Summer Bonus offer released lately for only 401 rupees.

Jio considers this offer will active with same data benefits for coming three months or 90 days (Which is earlier). Let see some uses below of Jio Summer Offer for Jiofi Local html MIFI router below:

  • User may change his hotspot password rather than given password by manufacturer.
  • One can set restrictions, Data usage Metrics, User accessing, Change of password in jiofi local.html file.
  • Increase usage of Available resources and signal strength of Wifi hotspot device to increase performance.

Some options are under testing by our experts. Soon we will post them. Below we have explained step by step process for JIOFI MIFI Router password:jiofi.local.html

Change Password of Jiofi Mifi Wifi Router dongle in Jiofi.local.html:

Currently big problem for Jiofi 2, Jiofi 3 MIFI router users is password change for their hotspots. Sometimes JioFi services are not even activated. To activate Jio 4G Data in Mifi Router call its toll-free number 1800-890-1977 from applicant mobile number.

Wait for completion of verification procedure and restart the device for instant access. If customers Bio-metric Finger print is not updated it takes another couple of days.

  • If you do not have above problems Open and unbox your Jiofi Dongle package. Find its Password from the list in Menu or Manual.
  • Connect it with your PC or Laptop via Hotspot activation. Now follow these simple steps.
  • In your browser type same as http://jiofi.local.html. People will think what is this? But it is the router settings page like all other wifi dongles & Routers. Jiofi Mifi is not an exception for customization.
  • Login with your credentials from Manual. Default user name is administrator & password is same. Modify them as you like after login to jiofi.local.html page.
  • To change Password select Jiofi 2 or Jiofi 3 Wifi settings. Choose WIfi tab and enter in it.
  • Change your Hotspot Broadcasting SSID name. For example “Krishna“ or “Ravi Hotspot”. Change your Channel mode or Security Key (Wifi Hot spot password)
  • Click on Apply and Save buttons one by one.
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